17/03/2018, 18:00 
“Five beautiful pieces” for viola and piano
Konstantin Volkov (viola), Anna Harutyunyan (piano)
Music of Saratov composers
Saratov, Theatrical Hall of the Conservatory

23/03/2018, 18:30
“Haydnofony” for flute and piano
Alina Bolshedanova, Ivan Kravchuk (flute), Egor Lusik, Daria Kravchuk (piano)
Music of Saratov composers for flute
Saratov, Theatrical Hall of the Conservatory

05/05/2018, 18:30
Author’s concert
Saratov, Theatrical Hall of the Conservatory

14/05/2018, 18:00 
“Tishism” for viola and piano (the version for cello and piano)
Petersburg MolOt-Ensemble – Alexey Govorov (cello), Alexey Glazkov (keyboards)
Opening of the exhibition “History of the Union of Composers in Photos”
Moscow, Prokofiev Hall of the Russian National Museum of Music

16.05.2018, 18:30 
String quartet №3, “Three bird stories” for flute and piano
Mesrop Badalyan, Kamilla Badalyan (violin), Anastasia Shevtsova (viola), Dmitry Tupitsyn (cello), Anna Bobneva (flute), Natalia Sypalo (piano)
Concert of teachers and graduates of the Department of Music Theory and Composition of the SSC named after L.V. Sobinova
Saratov, Small Hall of the Conservatory